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Traditional Chinese Medicine

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

[]ZA}RQ07PLDW%TU_3}SR4T.jpgTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) originated in ancient China. It’s a subject featuring the research of human physiology, pathology as well as the prevention, diagnosis and treatments of various kinds of diseases. With more than 3000 years of history, traditional Chinese medicine contains the experience and theoretical knowledge of ancient Chinese people struggling against diseases. However a complete and systemic medical system has come to exist through the long course of medical practice and continuous development.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is mainly created by the Han nationality which accounts for over 90% of the population of China, so we refer it as Chinese medicine. There are also some other traditional medicine like Tibetan medicine, Mongolian medicine, Miao medicine and so on which we called ethnomedicine.

In Chinese philosophy, masculine, feminine and the five elements (gold, wood, water, fire and earth, of which the ancient Chinese people think the world consists) serve as the foundation of the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It regards the human body as a unity of gas, shape and spirit. Through four methods like observing, listening, asking the situation and feeling the pulse, the pathogenesis, nature of disease, place of disease could be confirmed. After which the cure methods like sweat, vomit, down, peace, temperature, and cleaning, supply, elimination would be formulated and applied to the patients. During the development of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage, massage, pull cans, gua sha, Taichi, pedicure, medicated bath, moxibustion, qigong, diet therapy and other treatments have been invented to put the body under a balanced condition so as to prevent against and treat diseases.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has the ability to not only recover the balance of masculine and feminine, but also improve the quality of life. The ultimate goal of Traditional Chinese Medicine is more than the treatment of disease, but help people to enjoy a higher quality of life.

What are the features of TCM?

TCM has many treatment modalities to promote healthy conditions and treat the disease, I will give you a detail recommend as follows:

Chinese herbs medicine

Chinese herbs medicine.jpgChinese herbs medicine is originated in China. Up to now, there are more than 12000 species of medicinal plants. No country could compare with China in terms of herbal medicines. With regard to the resources of Chinese herbal medicine, we enjoy an incomparable advantage over other countries. Now, more and more foreign people come to recognize it and apply it.

Chinese herbs medicine consists of plant medicine (root, stem, leaf, fruit), animal medicine (Internal organs, skin, bones, organs and so on), and mineral medicine. Because of plant medicine being the majority of Chinese medicine, so TCM is also known as the Chinese herbal medicine. Plant medicine has more than 5000 species, if we count up all kinds of prescriptions formed by herbs, it must be a really large number. During several thousands years of research, it already forms an independent science---herbalism. In China, all medical colleges have established a subject, the content of which is herbs.

Chinese herbs medicine can be taken orally and externally, it has a good effect to restore kidney function. Such as relieve urine protein, anti-inflammatory, regulating vasomotor, immunoregulation, increase renal blood flow, Diuresis and detumescence, reduce the level of serum creatinine, relieve edema,

Cupping therapy

Cupping therapy.jpgCupping therapy is a therapy that uses cup as tool and makes use of fire, squeezing or other method to drain away the air of cup and come into being negative pressure, then adsorption skin (infected part or acupoint) to engender stimulate and form contrafluxion or congestion phenomenon. It’s a naturopathy children also can do it, the cups used in the therapy have many species, such as bamboo cupping, ceramic cupping, glass cupping, extraction cupping and so on, every cupping has its own characteristics. In ancient times, doctors use that therapy to suck blood and apocenosis, later, it develops to treatment phthisis, rheumatism and other internal medicine diseases.

Cupping therapy can also be combined with acupuncture. First, acupuncture acupoint ,and then cupping that acupoint , that’s a new therapy developed from cupping and acupuncture,

The functions of cupping therapy

First, lose weight. Cupping therapy can dredging the channel, bring qi and blood in balance, speed up the blood and lymph circulation, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, improve digestion function, speed up the body metabolism and increase thermogenesis and fat consumption, not only lose the surface fat of the body, but also lose deep fat of the body so as to lose weight in a safe, healthy, fast way.

Second, promote blood circulation, the cup adsorption skin, tractive nerve, muscle, vessel and the subcutaneous glandular, it cause a series of neural and endocrine system responses, regulating vasomotor function, and the permeability of blood vessels, so as to improve the blood circulation of the entire body.

Third, get rid of vivo toxin, the strong adsorption of cupping therapy can make the sweat pores fully open, Sweat glands and sebaceous glands suffer stimulated and enhanced, Aging skin cells fall off, so the toxins of body and waste products can be accelerated.

Acupuncture and moxibustion

Acupuncture and moxibustion.jpgTraditional Chinese Medicine deems body to have more than 700 acupoints from head to toe. It has different effect on the body. The treatments are done by acupuncture and moxibustion through acupoint. It is divided into acupuncture and moxibustion, acupuncture is take the metal needle penetrate acupoint of body, using the technique to adjust the balance of qi and blood; Moxibustion is to use bar moxa and light it to burn the acupoint of surface skin, make use of thermal stimulus to treatment .achieve the aim of warm and open regulating bodily functions, regulate qi and blood.

The effect of acupuncture and moxibustion.

First. Dredging the channels

Second. Regulate feminine and masculine,

Third. strengthening body’s resistance to disease and eliminating disease.

How does acupuncture treat kidney disease?

The main functions of acupuncture are dredging channels and meridians, eliminating blood and qi stasis so as to promote blood circulation and increase blood flow to the kidneys. This can greatly improve renal ischemia and hypoxia by providing enough blood, oxygen and other nutritions which can help prevent further renal damages and promote the repairing of damaged renal tissues and recover renal functions.

Practicing acupuncture can also help relive chronic renal pain and fatigue, improve appetite and sleep quality. It can also lower high blood pressure, alleviate the patients' stress and make them feel relaxed and refreshed.

Scraping therapy

Scraping therapy.jpgScraping therapy is one of Traditional Chinese Medicine natural therapies. Traditional Chinese Medicine theory is the basic of scraping therapy . Use ox horn, animal bone, jade and other tool to dip in scraping therapy oil and repeatedly scrape main and collateral channels and acupoint. Through optimal stimulation to dredging the channel and promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis.

The functions of scraping therapy

First, invigorate the circulation of blood and removing blood stasis.

Second. Increase patient's immunity

Third. Relax muscle and tendons, activate collaterals

Fourth. Help to remove toxins in blood

After the usage of scraping therapy, it will come into being many traces and hemorrhagic on the body (it looks like grain of sand). That’s a normal phenomenon and it will disappeared within 2~4days. By the way, because the sweat glands are all open after scraping therapy, we should not take cool bath and avoid catching a cold. Scraping therapy is a healthy physical therapy. Not only adult but children can do it. However, not everybody is suitable for scarping therapy. For people with following diseases or conditions, we do not suggest scarping therapy. Such as infectious diseases, furuncle, ulceration, macula, insanity and so on. They need to get the permission of their doctors, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles. .


Massage.jpgMassage takes Traditional Chinese Medicine and meridian theory as the theoretical basis combined with western anatomical and pathological diagnosis. Massage is to use hands to press, push, knead and rub the skin, muscles with certain fingering and operations. The superficial and deep layers of muscles and connective tissues will be manipulated and it can promote blood circulation, activate the collaterals and regulate neural functions.


1. Alleviate fatigue, ache and pains.

2. Regulate blood pressure

3. Alleviating anxiety and depression.

4. Elimination of toxicant

5. Good for circulation and metabolism

Tai chi

Tai chi.jpgTai chi has a long history in China. It has an extensive development and is very popular both in China and in foreign countries, people of each age group love it. It consists of a series of slow, meditative and rhythmic body movements designed for self-defense, enhancing relaxation and promoting inner peace, tolerant and calm. Through practicing Tai chi, the weak can become stronger, the diseased can have a quick recovery and the elderly can improve their life quality and enhance life span. In addition, Tai chi is able to help people achieve a higher ideological level.

Tai chi has its own charming to attract people from all walks of life. Tai chi is always a adjuvant treatment and combine with other therapies to treat high blood pressure, depression, neurasthenia, diabetes, arthritis, digestive diseases, heart disease and many other diseases.

The effects of Tai chi

1. Increase sensitivity of nervous system

2. Open channels and collaterals, blood vessels, lymph and circulatory system

3. Promote flexibility, muscle strength and muscle endurance

4. Enhance cardio-pulmonary function

5. Treatment for chronic digestive duct disease


Qigong.jpgQigong is a method that achieves through adjusting breath, body movement, and awareness to keep fit, prevent against and cure diseases. There are many types of qigong, which are mainly divided into dynamic exercise and static exercise. Dynamic exercise is mainly the activity of body. However, static exercise requires little movement of the body; it only depends on the awareness and the controlling of your breath. The great majority of which are combined with dynamic exercise and static exercise.

Qigong is a physiological process through special practice methods to make organization and organ function more ordering and collaborative. Due to the different practice methods different physiological change could be achieved. That different is the physiological effect of Qigong. Through mental activities, it is to generate bio-energy militate with organism and object.

The effects of Qigong

1. Enhancement of immunity

2. Cultivate sentiment

3. Development of intelligence

4. Prolong life span

5. Improve breath condition and digestive tract function.


Pedicure.jpgPedicure takes the Traditional Chinese Medicine as its basic theory. it’s a no wound natural therapy that includes test, treatment and health care. Pedicure can be divided into two parts, which are lavipeditum and foot massage. Foot is regarded as the second heart of the body. It has more than 60 acupoint contacting inside and outside environment. It can accurately reflect the physical condition of the body.

The effects of pedicure

1. Promote blood circulation

Blood flows in blood circulation system which consists of heart and vessel to supply nutrition and discharge wastes. Pedicure can make the blood circulation of foot more smooth, promote blood circulation, accelerate the body's metabolism, replenish nutrition, and make your body healthy and functioning normally.

2. Regulate nerve

Foot is vey rich in nerve tissue, through effective stimulation plantar reflex zone, corresponding tissues and organs function could be adjusted.

3. Dredging the channel and invigorate the circulation of blood

Pedicure could dredge meridians, relieve pain, regulate and restore human viscera function, repair and adjust the disordered and pathological changes of viscera function

4. Improve sleeping quality and immunity

Medicated bath

Medicated Bath.jpgMedicated bath is one of external treatments in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Starting from the Qing dynasty, medicated bath is widely used as an effective method to cure diseases. It’s a method that uses medicine liquid to bath. This therapy is very comfortable and it causes no side effects or injuries to the patients. The medicines of medicated bath and internal medicine need to follow the prescriptions as well. Different prescriptions have different effect. Prescription should be chose according to the specific condition, or under the guidance of the doctors.

The functions of medicated bath

1. Test your authentic physical condition of body

2. Test the condition and focus of diseases

3. Dredge main and collateral channels. Accelerate the flow of the blood and small blood vessels of the entire body. Adjust qi and blood, viscera and organization system, etc

4. Dispel the wind, remove damp and hot, disperse endogenous toxic material,

5. Remove dead blood, product live blood

6. Regulate viscera, easing joint movement, recuperate the five elements ( metal, wood ,water, fire and earth)

7. Activate cells, enhance immunity, improve the content of immune globulin in the blood

8. Enhance skin elasticity and vitality, beauty skin, anti-aging.

Food therapy

Food therapy.jpgFood therapy is a method that makes use of food to influence organism and achieve disease prevention and recovery. Generally speaking, Food is edible substances that supply all kinds of nutrients for the growth and development of the, in other word, food is nutrients function for body. In fact, long time ago, Traditional Chinese Medicine has regarded food as a therapy which not only supplies nutrients but also treat disease. It’s a traditional habit of Chinese people , the food therapy culture have a long history, As the saying goes , food is the best medicine, food therapy is to use food instead of medicine to treat disease , repair cell function and make body more stronger

The advantage of food therapy

1. Safe and less toxic and side effects

2. Low cost

3. No pain, without the application of injection, medicine, and even surgery.

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