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Hints of Kidney Disease

hints of kidney disease.jpgKidney is one of the important organs. Usually chronic kidney diseases have no obvious discomfort at the early stage. Accordingly, they are often diagnosed when the conditions are serious. There are some signals of kidney disease, which people should pay attention to.

Causeless fatigue and weakness

Fatigue and weakness are the initial symptoms of kidney disease, which is easily ignored. However, if they are induced by no reason at all, people need to be on the alert.


Healthy people can also have mild edema around eyelids when they get up in the morning. The edema does not last long. If the edema is caused by kidney disease, it keeps for a long time. Some people even present general dropsy, sudden increase of weight, and pits when oppressing the skin.

Increase of blood pressure

About 60% of kidney disease patients show increase of blood pressure. But few of them pay attention to it. Usually, they take measures to decrease blood pressure instead of the root cause, i.e. Kidney disease.

Changes of urine volume

In general, urine volume is 1000-2000mL/d, the average volume is 1500mL/d. Both increase and decrease of urine volume may indicate there is something wrong with kidney.

Increase of bubbles in urine

Increase of bubbles in urine usually indicates protein leaked in urine. The more of bubbles, the more of urine protein.

Changes of urine color

If urine color becomes dark or scarlet, especially after respiratory or gastrointestinal infection, it is usually a sign of kidney disease.

Pain in lower back

Pain around kidney area is often a hint of kidney lesion.

Yellowish face

It is caused by anemia, which is also ignored.

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