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Relationship Between Proteinuria and Finger Pricking

relationship between proteinuria and finger pricking.jpgChronic kidney disease (CKD) presents various symptoms, which includes urine changes in colour and volume, hematuria, proteinuria, swelling, etc.. Some of the patients also suffer finger pricking. Is there relationship between proteinuria and finger prickling.

Reason for proteinuria

The permeability increase of glomerular filtration membrane is mainly responsible for proteinuria. Glomerulus has charge barrier and mechanism barrier, which filtrates out the wastes and keeps nutrients.

When the disease damages glomerular filtration membrane, permeability increases. Accordingly, the macromolecular substances including protein leak out in to urine. When there are aBUNdant protein in urine, it causes proteinuria.

Cause of pricking in fingers

Nerve system damage is the mainly reason for pricking in fingers. Due to the accumulation of toxins and metabolic wastes in blood, never system gets damaged by blood flowing.

Meanwhile, CKD usually presents electrolyte disorder. Hyperkalemia is also a factor which results in pricking in fingers.

Relationship between proteinuria and pricking in fingers

Proteinuria is a serious complication of CKD. If it is left uncontrolled, it will aggravate kidney function impairment obviously, which accelerate the progress to kidney failure. Kidney failure is involved with nerve problems.

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