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Elevated Blood Urea Nitrogen Level

<a href=http://www.kidneydoctors.org/treatment-nephropathy/special-test/23.html target=_blank class=infotextkey>BUN</a>.jpgBlood urea nitrogen (BUN) is a common indicator of kidney function. BUN is the main end product of protein metabolism. Almost all BUN can be excreted out by kidney. Therefore, it stays in a stable range, which is 9-20mg/dL.

Indications of elevated BUN

BUN level is related to various factors. Since BUN is the product of protein metabolism, high intake of protein may lead to the increase of BUN level. Meanwhile, there are other factors responsible for elevated BUN level, which includes severe dehydration, burn, hyperpyrexia, severe bleeding n upper gastrointestinal tract, and fever.

If high BUN is induced by the factors mentioned above, the condition is not serious. With proper measures, BUN can returns to normal level.

If increased BUN level is caused by kidney disease, it indicates severe conditions. Since kidney has strong metabolic ability and compensation, only half of kidney function can guarantee the life movement. Therefore, BUN increase usually means that half of kidney function gets damaged.

Therefore, if patients have kidney disease and also high BUN, they should pay attention to the condition. Take measures as soon as possible so that the process to kidney failure can be stopped or delayed.

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