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Creatinine 11 and Swelling

Creatinine is the index to show kidney function. According to creatinine, kidney disease is divided into four stages. Creatinine 1.5-2.0 shows kidney compensatory period, 2.0-5.0 decompensation creatinine 11 and swelling.jpgperiod, 5.0-8.0 kidney failure period, and higher than 8.0 end stage of renal disease. Creatinine 11 shows end stage of renal disease (ESRD).

Why swelling appears when creatinine is 11?

In general, creatinine begins to raise when more than half of kidney function gets damaged. The higher the level is, the more kidney function gets impaired. At the end stage, kidney almost fails. Thus, it cannot excrete wastes and water out of body. Accordingly, water will deposit in body, which causes swelling. Due to gravity, swelling often appears at lower limbs. When the condition gets severe, edema spreads to the whole body.

How to deal with the situation?

Since high creatinine and swelling are caused by kidney function damages, the treatment to them should be to repair damaged kidney functions as well as alleviate the symptoms.


Diuretics contributes to removing the excessive water out of body, which can alleviate edema.

Medicated bath and massage

Both medicated bath and massage can improve blood circulation, which accelerates the excretion of toxins and wastes and sweats. It helps to alleviate edema and decrease serum creatinine.

Combined therapy

Combined therapy with osmosis and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can repair the damaged nephrons, which helps improve kidney function. Since the essence of herbal medicine is absorbed by skin, it avoids the disadvantages of oral herbal medicine of effect after long time and gastrointestinal problems.

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