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Glomerular Filtration Rate 12 and Creatinine 5.5

GFR 12, creatinine 5.5.jpgGlomerular filtration rate (GFR) and creatinine are important indexes to show kidney function. GFR refers to the test that measures blood flow amount through glomerulus every minute. The normal level of GFR is 80-120mL/min. Creatinine is the main metabolic waste of muscle. Usually, almost all creatinine will be removed out by kidney. So creatinine in body is stable, which is 0.5-1.2mg/dL.

GFR 12 and creatinine 5.5

When kidney function gets more than 50% damaged, creatinine begins to raise and GFR decrease. The higher creatinine and lower GFR, the more damages of kidney function. Creatinine 5.5 and GFR 12 show the end stage of chronic kidney failure.

How to deal with GFR 12 and creatinine 5.5?

Since GFR 12 and creatinine is caused by kidney damages. Therefore, the fundamental way to deal with GFR 12 and creatinine 5.5 is to stop kidney function further damages and repair the damaged but not necrotic nephrons.


Dialysis helps remove the excessive wastes and toxins accumulated in body, which helps a lot to decrease creatinine level and increase GFR level. However, it has nothing to do to improve kidney function. Meanwhile, patients are tent to depend on dialysis the more they take dialysis.

Kidney transplantation

Kidney transplantation is one of the common choices for patients with ESRD. However, it is hard the find the matched kidney. In addition, the surgery takes a lot of money. And patients have to take anti-rejection drugs for a long time.

Combined therapy

Combined therapy with osmosis and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is recommended. The therapy can repair the damaged nephrons and improve kidney function. The essence of herbal drugs enter into the body through skin, which avoid gastrointestinal problems. Meanwhile, it accompanies medicated bath and massage, which improves blood circulation and accelerates the excretion of toxins and wastes.

If you want to know more about the therapy to decrease creatinine and increase GFR, you can leave a message or send mails to lynn1978@outlook.com.

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