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Can High Creatinine Cause Skin Itching?

can hgh creatinine cause skin itching.jpgA lot of patients with high creatinine suffer skin itching. Skin itching annoys people a lot and causes sleeping problem, which affects a lot on patients’ life quality. They are eager to find a way to get rid of the problem.

Why creatinine increases?

First of all, we need know why creatinine increases. In fact, there are a series of factors responsible for creatinine increase, including kidney disease, dehydration, overworking, high intake of meat, and strenuous exercises. Creatinine increase is an index to show kidney function. When more than a half kidney function gets damaged, creatinine begins to increase.

Is skin itching related to high creatinine level?

Generally speaking, not all patients presenting high creatinine suffer skin itching, since high creatinine is not the direct reason for skin itching.

Usually, at the end stage of kidney disease, the annoying skin itching appears. Since kidney gets huge damaged, it fails to excessive wastes and toxins adequately. Meanwhile, it cannot regulate electrolytes properly. So serum phosphorus increases, which results in skin itching. In addition, the remaining wastes and toxins, such as urea, are also common causes of skin itching.

In conclusion, kidney disease instead of high creatinine is the root cause of skin itching. To deal with skin itching, improving kidney function is the fundamental way.

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