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What does Creatinine 1.32 Indicate?

creatinine 1.32 indicate.jpgCreatinine is the metabolic waste of muscle. Kidney has the function of removing wastes and toxins, which is completed by glomerulus and renal tubules. Glomerulus filters the fluid, wastes and some nutrients. Renal tubules reabsorb the nutrients which leak from glomerulus. However, a little creatinine is also reabsorbed by kidney tubules, which becomes the index of kidney function.

Normal level of creatinine

Kidney has strong compensation. When a half of kidney function gets damaged, creatinine begins to raise. The normal value of creatinine is 0.5-1.2mg/dL. The higher the level is, the more damages kidney gets.

Does creatinine 1.32 mean kidney disease?

Creatinine 1.32 is a little higher than normal level. For some cases, it is not linked to kidney disease. For other cases, it may indicate serious kidney disease.

When does creatinine 1.32 not show kidney disease?

Since creatinine is the metabolic product of muscle, it will increase if patients take a lot of meat. So if patients take a lot of meat before test, it may show a little higher creatinine level.

When does creatinine 1.32 mean serious kidney disease?

As it is mentioned above, kidney has strong compensation. Any part of kidney gets damaged, the other parts will replace it and complete the kidney work. So there is not obvious symptoms even kidney gets damaged. Creatinine 1.32 means there are more than a half of kidney function gets damaged, which indicates a severe condition.

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