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Five confusing opinions about blood glocose.

血糖.jpg1: Normal level of blood glucose is not cure.

After regular treatment, for some of slight diabetes patients whose blood glucose is considered normal, they may think they are cured. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. According to the recent scientific standard, it is not impossible to cure diabetes. So, we should beat with diabetes life-long. Don’t break the treatment without guidance of a doctor in case of aggravation.

2: The treatment for diabetics is not simply taking medicines.

It is considered that simply taking medicines to reduce the blood glucose is enough. In fact, medicine treatment is one of the methods to diabetes. Normal treatment is comprehensive treatment.

3: Control blood pressure is not simply reducing the blood glucose.

Though higher blood pressure is an important level to show how well one’s condition is, treatment of reducing blood glucose is not enough. With the exception of control blood glucose to prevent the complications and the progression of disease, meanwhile, weight, blood fat and pressure are also required for comprehensive factors.

4: Blood glucose quick drop doesn’t indicate quick recovery.

Climbing high once a time is their high blood glucose, this is a viewpoint accepted by many diabetics. Actually, blood glucose is changing gradually overtime. Blood pressure has been raised for a long time when observed due to our compensatory ability. At this time, it is not adaptive for patients to reduce the blood glucose back to normal. So, never trust the so called quick in reducing blood glucose and cure for diabetes.

5: Normal fasting blood glucose and postprandial blood sugar doesn’t mean well controlled.

Fasting blood glucose and postprandial blood sugar only shows the blood glucose in a period, which is not stable and easily affected by eating and glycometabolism. Hemoglobin A1C is recognized by Diabetes monitoring “Golden Standards”. Pay a periodically examination every 3-6 month. If without well controlled glycometabolism, it is proved that blood glucose is abnormal. So it requires new treatment.

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