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Examination of renal failure

Examination of renal failure

1. Blood routine examination

Significant anemia , normal cell anemia , normal or elevated white blood cell count , decreased platelet count , increased cell sedimentation rate .003305c59b074a9fb9098da2e5160b96.jpg

2. urine routine examination

It varies with the original disease. The common denominator is:

(1) the proportion of urine osmotic pressure was lower, mostly below 1.018, and fixed between 1.010 and 1.012 in severe cases. During the concentration dilution test, the night urine volume was larger than the daily urine volume, the specific gravity of each time was more than 1.020, and the highest and lowest urinary specific gravity difference was less than 0.008.

More than 1000 milliliters per day decreased urine volume.

Urinary protein increased in the late stage because most of the glomeruli were damaged, but the urine protein decreased.

Urine sediment examination can have different amounts of red blood cells, white blood cells, epithelial cells and granular tubules, waxy tube type is the most significant.

3. Renal function examination

All the indexes indicated that the renal function was decreased.

4. Blood biochemical examination

Plasma albumin was decreased, serum calcium was low, serum phosphorus was increased, and serum potassium and sodium were determined by disease.

5. Other inspections

X-ray urography and radiography, isotope nephrogram, renal scan and biopsy are helpful for etiological diagnosis.

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