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Immunization Test

immunization test.jpgThe test includes IgA, IgG, IgM, complement C3, and C4, which are important indexes to show certain lesion changes.


IgA is short for immunoglobulin A, a major secretion immunoglobulin, which is significant in immunity. The increase of IgA indicates acute nephritis and autoimmune disease, including IgA Nephropathy, chronic liver disease, IgA myeloma, breast cancer, tuberculosis and fungus infection. IgA decreases when there is burn, latter half of gestation, immunodeficiency disease, selective IgA deficiency, inherited or acquired antibody syndrome, anti-IgA antibody syndrome or immunosuppressant therapy.


IgG is an index of glomerular damages. The normal level of IgG in umbilical cord blood is about 7.6-17g/L and 6-16g/L in adults. IgG increases when there appears chronic liver disease, subacute or chronic infections, connective tissue diseases, IgG myeloma or asymptomatic monoclonal IgG disease. Decrease of IgG indicates nephrotic syndrome, receiving immunosuppressant, selective IgG deficiency, mixed immunodeficiency syndrome, inherited or acquired antibody syndrome, protein-losing enteropathy and myotonic dystrophy.


The content of IgM in umbilical cord blood is 40-240mg/L. The newborn baby is 50-300mg/L and adult 400-3450mg/L. Elevated IgM indicates malaria, infectious mononucleosis, mycoplasma pneumonia, hepatopathy, connective tissue disease, macroglobulinemia and asymptomatic monoclonal IgM disease. Reduced IgM indicates burn, acquired antibody syndrome, mixed immunodeficiency syndrome or immunodepression.

Complements of C3 and C4

The tests for Complements of C3 and C4 contributes to the guidance of the later treatment, which is important in future diagnosis and prognosis. The decrease of C3 and C4 appears in immune complex kidney disease like lupus nephritis. The elevated C3 and C4 shows acute gout, diabetes, ulcerative colitis, acute myocardial infarction, obstructive jaundice, and dermatomyositis.

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