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CT Scan

CT scan.jpgCT scan is one of the advanced medical scan tests, which is mainly used to the detection of brain.

CT scan for kidney

CT scan for kidney is a CT scan which examines the condition of kidney.

Applications of CT scan for kidney

It is used when

There is a suspect about mass in renal area;

Renal inflammatory lesion appears, such as tuberculosis of kidney and hydronephrosis;

Kidney impairment is induced by various factors;

Patients are allergic to iodine preparation;

There is interventional diagnosis and treatment like instructing renal biopsy.

Clinic significances of renal CT

1. Make clear about the location, size, form, and invasion scope of the mass. Make a definite diagnosis by recognizing the attributes of the mass, including cystic, substantive, fatty, or calcified mass.

2. CT can confirm the location, attributes, or congenital aplasia of the lesion when intravenous urography shows loss of renal function.

3. Check out the mild calcification, stone or radioparent calculus which cannot be diagnosed by X-ray test.

4. It has a higher value for the diagnosis of tuberculosis of kidney, since it presents the conditions of internal damages of kidney, pathogenic calcification, and perinephric abscess.

5. It helps judge the location and scope and kidney damages, perinephric hematoma, and postoperative complications.

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