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Purpura nephritis

1.What is anaphylactic purpura nephritis?
Anaphylactic purpura nephritis is also called hemorrhagic capillary toxicosis,is a kind of capillary allergic hemorrhagic disease.may be have something with the autoimmune damage of blood vessels.The clinical symptoms are purpura,rash,angioneurotic edema,arthritis,stomachache,nephritis and so on.
2.What causes purpura nephritis?
1)Purpura nephritis can be caused by allergic reactions which may be stimulated by many factors, such infections, some medicines, foods, pollen, feather, ice massage and so on.
2)The active immune reactions caused by many possible factors can form numerous immune complexes in blood vessels. The immune complexes would deposit in kidney tissues, which can arouse serious inflammations in kidneys. Patients may have proteinuria, hematuria or swelling etc. if the inflammation cannot be controlled timely, it may be liable to cause the indurations and thanatosis of glomeruli. Renal failure or ESRD might be coming finally.
3.What are the symptoms?
1)Anaphylactic purpura nephritis is a kind of rash,under the skin.The lesions is mainly about gastrointestinal,knuckle and the capillary wall of kidney,increase the permeability and brittleness,then cause haemorrhage.
2)The internal factor of anaphlactic purpura nephritis is with allergic constitution,it is a predominant role.It has something to do with allergic constitution,the bacteria that attached to the dust,seafood,animals' fur,cold air,pollen and some medicine that with antibiotic,all of these can cause anaphylatic purpura nephritis.
4.What are the tests of purpura nephritis?
1)Blood routine examination of platelet, bleeding time, the coagulation time, clot retraction time and prothrombin time. Hemorrhage in patients with serious anemia.
2)Renal function, blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, creatinine clearance rate can increased.
3)It will appear hematuria,proteinuria and cylindruria with the routine urine test.
5.How to prevent purpura nephritis?
1)Avoid the allergen.Find out the allergen carefully,such as animal protein(fish,shrimp,milk etc.),pollen,dust and so on.Avoid to eat and touch once find out.
2)Infection prevention.Patients can prevent the infection of virus and bacteria through strengthening one's physique or using immunopotentiator(as thymosin).
3)More attention to rest.It is very important to have enough rest for anaphylactic purpura nephritis,can prompt the recovery of kidney.
4)Light diet.Should not eat too much protein food.Patients with edema and high blood pressure should limit intake of water and salt.Should have a high quality and low protein diet while the renal function subsides.

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