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Visiting Policies

1.Age of visitors: Children under the age of twelve are permitted only if they are siblings, children, or grandchildren of patients. Children must have adult supervision (other than the patient) at all times.
2.Visitors’ health: All visitors must be free of infection or communicable diseases. Friends and family with fever, flu-like symptoms, or other symptoms of infection should not visit.
3.Number of visitors: It is usually best to limit visitors to two at a time, to respect the comfort of all our patients. We encourage families to discuss scheduling their visits, in order not to overwhelm the patient by visiting all at one time. While support from loved ones is important, we also ask that visitors respect the patient's need for rest. Discuss any unusual visiting circumstances with the patient's nurse, so that the health care team might accommodate any special arrangements based on the patient's specific situation. Family waiting rooms is for visitors when they are not able to be in the patient’s room.
4.Support person: The hospital recognizes the health benefits provided by the presence of loved ones while patients are in the hospital. We welcome one designated family member or support person to stay with the patient at any time. This designated support person's visits would only be limited by the patient's need for medical care or treatments, rest, privacy, and patient preference. A support person may be a spouse, adult child, parent, close relative, friend, domestic partner, and both different sex and same sex significant others.
5.No smoking: Visitors are not permitted to smoke while on hospital property, except in designated smoking shelters.
6.Restricted cell phone use: Cellular phones may not be used within six feet of any electronic patient care equipment.
7.Restricted flower deliveries: Please note that flower delivery may be restricted in intensive care units as well as other patient care areas, such as oncology units. We encourage you to check in with the nursing staff before sending or bringing flowers. For your convenience, you may order flowers through our gift and floral shop.
8.Patient status: Family and friends may inquire about a patient’s status by make a call. Immediate family is asked to please identify one primary family member to contact the patient’s nurse directly on the unit. (Please note: Patients have the right to limit access to information, condition and visitors.)

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