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A story of born with one kidney patient from India

patient story2.jpgpatients story1.jpgNitin (pseudonym) is a 23 years old student, he has good family and future like others, however, everything was changed in 2012.

In 2012, one day, he feels something wrong, very uncomfortable, and then his mother goes to hospital to see a doctor and make tests. After few days, the test reports work out, he was diagnosed with kidney disease, what make him shocked is doctor said he only have one kidney. Due to this disease, he has to suspension of schooling and search suitable treatment for his disease. However, his condition didn’t show any improvement after he get all kinds of treatments, his serum creatinine raise continually. Until he find us website, he was be attracted by Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, it is a special traditional Chinese medicine. After two months consider, he decide to come to our hospital get this treatment with his mother.

After he comes to our hospital, we give him comprehensive test to check his condition, after his test reports work out; it shows serum creatinine 6.67, no symptoms. After our experts make a treatment plan, our experts and translator give him and his mother detailed explanation. Experts decide give him Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, medicated bath, enema, oral medicine, hemofiltration and hemoperfusion. After ten days later, we give him reexamination, the test reports show serum creatinine is 4.8. He and his mother are very happy about that result. After one day treatment, he and his mother decide go to super market to buy some vegetables, on his way to super market, we meet water park, and the weather is snowing, the scenery is beautiful, they couldn’t help take a picture with this scenery and private nurse. He believe that his disease will be controlled and get better soon.

After 20days treatment, it is time to Nitin to go home. We give him reexamination again; the test report shows serum creatinine 3.4. In order to maintain his condition stable, he brings one month medicine to home. Our stuff will guide him about his disease when he gets treatment at home. We think his normal life will come back soon, and he can go back to school as normal student.

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