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A story of IgA Nephropathy patient from Bangladesh

Before treatment

On 2011, Nilasha suffer from flu about half year, and flu cause hematuria and bubble urine. Then, Nilasha ‘s father bring her to see their family doctor hurriedly. But their family doctor suggest Nilashasee a nephrologist in local hospital. Keemaya ‘s father feel bad and shed tears all the way. Nilasha didn’t know what happened and kept asking him, “Daddy was my disease serious? Why you cry?” After they go to local hospital to make some tests, and she diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome. The doctor suggest hormone to Keemaya, but her disease still out of control. Occasionally, my friend said he see a this website and the treatment is special, then I’m here.

Treatment: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy (child-specific), 2 times/day, 45 min/time; Other western medicines

After treatment

After Nilasha hospitalized, we take some tests for her. She was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy instead of Nephrotic Syndrome. And then we changed the treatment plan. Due to IgA Nephropathy is an intractable kidney disease, hormone can control it. that’s the reason why Nilasha take hormone but with a bad result.

On April 16, 2011, Nilasha starts receive treatment, after five days of those treatmens, Nilasha’s urine turned yellow. It is a good sign of his disease. Nilasha’s gross hematuria and bubble urine disappeared half month later, after she receives Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and western medicine.

Before treatments:

Lab reports: urine protein: 3+, occult blood: 3+, BP: 105/65mmHg,

After treatments

Lab reports :BP: 90/60mmHg, urine output: 1600ml.

24hr urine protein count: 0.16g, PRO: -, RBC: 20-25/HP, WBC: 1-2/HP, total volume of urine: 1100ml


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Patients Story

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