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A Story of Child with Nephritis from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia.jpgAbdullahis a boy from Saudi Arabia. He is suffering from acute nephritis and relapse for many times. In order to find a treatment which can make his condition stable, his mother brings him come to China. During he receives treatment in China.

Before treatment

On December 2007, Abdullah suffer from swelling, and his mother bring him to hospital to take tests, the test report show proteinuria2+-3+. He was diagnosed with acute nephritis. After several days treatment of hormone, the swelling disappeared and proteinuria show negative. Abdullah discharged from the hospital and go home. However, his disease was easy relapse, his mother decided to find a new treatment for him. Her friend recommends traditional Chinese medicine for her, she willing to have a try.

Treatment: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, western medicines.

After treatment

After one month treatment, his condition improves obviously. Proteinuria become negative, swelling disappeared, the treatment helps him maintain condition stable and not easy relapse. Now, he can play with his friends as normal children.

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