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A story of Chronic Kidney Disease and Liver Disease Patient from India

Nanak.jpgNanak is a 32 years old man who comes from India. He is suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), liver disease and hypertension. Due to his condition are too serious, his doctor suggest him receive dialysis and kidney transplant, but he really don’t want receive those treatments. In order to find a natural treatment for his disease, he decides come to China.

Before treatment

Nanak suffer from hypertension is caused by his family history, he living with hypertension for many years. His hypertension is difficult to control, when his blood pressure increase to 220/120, his hypertension cause vision problem, headache and dizziness.

On 2005, Nanak begin appear foamy urine. He has to face those problems and go to hospital make a test; he was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. His doctor said that his kidney disease may cause by long time hypertension. The only treatment for him in his country is receive dialysis and kidney transplant. He really don’t want receive dialysis and kidney transplant. So he positive search health knowledge about kidney disease, fortunately, he find our website. He fined there are many different treatments in our website and decide have a try.

Treatment: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, 3 times/day, 45 min/time; Immunotherapy; Massage

After treatment

All the symptoms make his condition serious. On May 29, 2012, he starts receive treatment, and his headache and dizziness are alleviated. At the beginning, Hemofiltration is necessary for him due to there are many toxin and waste deposit in his body. We need to clean it and create a good internal environment for Micro-Chinese Medicine and also Immunotherapy. After one month treatments, his condition is improvement obviously. He was happy about that.

When we ask some suggest about our services, Nanak said our service are very courteous and complete. He said” when I was deciding come to China, I know it is a long trip, I was worried about everything. However, you pick me up at Beijing airport and arrange everything for, I needn’t worried about anything. Your service made all those easier for me.”

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