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A story of Polycystic Kidney Disease and Polycystic Liver Disease Patient from India

Payas .jpgPayas is a 34 years old man, he comes from India. Due to the genetic factor he suffers from PolycysticKidney Disease (PKD) and polycystic liver disease. Because of the treatment doesn’t work for him in local hospital, he decide to come to China to have a try about the magic herbal medicine.

Before treatment

On October 2005.Payas was diagnosed with Polycystic kidney disease. Due to no symptoms and blood in urine, he didn’t pay much attention to it; just enjoy life as before. But the good time is not so long. On July 2007, Payas suffered from left upper abdominal colic. Then he hospitalized in local hospital about 21 days. His doctor gives him some medications like anti-inflammatory and analgesic. After 21 days, he feel better than before and leave hospital.

Treatment: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, 3 times/day, 45 min/ time, Western medicines

After treatment

After he takes several tests, his attending doctor told Payas his illness condition had progressed to the first stage of kidney fibrosis, which means his kidney function has already declined.

On March 13, 2010, he starts to receive treatment. After adopting Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Payas showed significant improvements, such as his dark complexion was replaced by rosy face; the left upper abdominal pain got greatly alleviated and disappeared after one month treatment; the blood pressure decreased to 130/90mmHg and became stable; the blood in urine disappeared and the color of his urine changed to normal colour(straw yellow). Meanwhile, his mental condition got much better than before and his cysts shrank! “The cysts actually shrank!! I cannot believe this!” said Payas with excitement.

Records before treatment (March 13, 2008)

Size of right kidney: 170×72×63mm, size of left kidney: 210×65×61mm, largest cyst in right kidney: 80×60mm, largest cyst in left kidney: 54×32mm, 24-hour urine protein quantitative: 0.08g/24hr, Scr: 1.2mg/dL, urea nitrogen: 328.3mmol/l, Ccr: 69.3ml/min, Kalemia: 4.19mmol/L, Na: 142.5mmol/L, urea nitrogen: 6.51mmol/L.

Records after treatments (April 12, 2008)

Right kidney size: 130×72×53mm, left kidney size: 150×61×49mm, largest cyst in his right kidney: 50×38mm, largest cyst in his left kidney: 21×18mm.

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