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A story of Nephrotic Syndrome patients from Singapore

Ambrose.jpgAmbrose is a handsome body from Singapore. He suffers from nephropathy/symptoms-analysis/275.html target=_blank class=infotextkey>nephrotic syndrome and Renal anemia in 2007. Due to the disease progress, his doctor suggests him waiting for dialysis and kidney transplant. He really doesn’t want receive dialysis and transplant. So, for better treatment, he comes to China with the hope of health.

Before treatment

In 2007, Ambrose feels serious swelling on his eyelids and seeks treatments for this. And then he go to hospital to see a doctor, he was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. Therefore, he received treatments in local hospital. After hetake medicine for several days later, his serious swelling subsided quickly, and then Ambrose discharged from the hospital.

However, cold destroy everything, cold make his disease relapse. The bad new is the medicine as usual doesn’t work to him. The edema became more and more serious, and his serum creatinine increase to 10.1mg/dL. His doctor suggested him to dialysis or thought over the kidney transplantation. “I really I had no choice. So when I heard about this hospital, I decided to go.” said Ambrose.

Treatment: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, 3 times/day, 45 min/time; Western medicines

After treatment

On November 15, 2007, Ambrose starts receive treatment. “I was angry when I get there and they told me I need dialysis first. The purpose of I come here is avoid dialysis but doctor told me I need it! Then why I come to here?” Ambrose was shocked and furious about this suggestion at first. “After doctor comforted me and explained the necessity of dialysis, I step into the dialysis room in the end.”

“When I first time lie on the bed behind the dialyzer, I was scared to death. But after receiving dialysis, I feel good.” Several times of dialysis later, he needn’t to receive dialysis any more. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy begins to be used in his case. “I know nothing about traditional Chinese medicine before, in England.” Ambrose could not stand the weird odor from the Micro-Chinese Medicine bags. “I feel weird and uncomfortable on the bags.” However, significant improvements are achieved. One of the most obvious improvements is his serum creatine level decrease during the course of treatments.

After a month and half treatment, Ambrose’s serum creatinine from 10.1mg/dL decrease to 4.4mg/dL. Ambrose brings Micro-Chinese Medicine to England and keeps taking it at home. Three months later he took tests and his Scr reduced to 2.8mg/dL. Seven months passed, Ambrose called and told us the Scr was 1.3mg/dL now. The patient takes few dialyses in the beginning and gets rid of dialysis since adopting our therapy.

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