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Give patients Christmas apple as gift in Christmas Eve


christmas apple2.jpgchristmas apple1.jpgToday night is Christmas Eve. Christmas is the most important festival in western country. It also the births date of Jesus. As the culture spread, Chinese people also love to celebrate the special festival, like decorate Christmas tree, hanging socks, put on the beautiful clothing and enjoy a big dinner with their families. Everything looks like beautiful and clean. Meanwhile, Chinese people like to give apple or orange to their friends and workmate as gift to express their wishes.

However, how do people with disease spend their Christmas, especially kidney disease people? The fact is kidney disease people and their family must be in hospital to spend the most important festival. What a pity! They can’t decorate Christmas tree and celebrate the festival; they can’t give organ and apple to their friends and workmate as gift; they can’t share happiness to all the people.

All things have advantages and disadvantages. Due to they can’t enjoy the specially festival in their home. Our medical workers as their friend give them apple to them. They are very happy about that, their feeling be cared like family members. Hope they will get better soon. Hope they can celebrate the next Christmas at home.

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