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Case:nephrotic syndrome

Name:Li Xin

Gender: male

Age: 19 years old

Diagnose:nephropathy/symptoms-analysis/275.html target=_blank class=infotextkey>nephrotic syndrome

Attending doctor: Dong Jian

Treatment process:one years ago, he asymptomatic pharyngeal pain and fervescence, then his both lower extremities appear blood point and urine test abnormal, meanwhile, his swelling aggravate, finally, he decided come to our hospital for treatment, we give him blood routine examination and routine urine test, the result show PRO+, BLD2+, microscopic examination: RBC 35-40/HP,WBC 8-10/HP, we condider he is suffering acute allergic purpura, and give him some medicines for control his condition, such as azithromycin,shuanghuanglian mixture and ceftazidime, after take these medicine he feel pharyngalgia is better, but foam in his urine increased, his spirit and diet is good, urine volume is few, the routine urine test show that protein +-, ketone body +-,AG6.5mmol/L TBIL23.61 mmol/L, Uric Acid:477umol/L.

After he come to our hospital, we give him traditional Chinese medicine treatment, this treatment is mainly through extend blood vessel, anti-inflammatory, anti-freezing, degradation,improve kidney blood circulation and protect remnants kidney function, meanwhile, repair umbilical cord blood cells and rebuild kidney function, through these treatment, his arms and legs become warm, urine volume is normal, face and both lower extremities swelling disappeared, before he leave hospital, we give him a comprehensive test: protein+-, ketone body+-, AG6.5mmol/L TBIL23.61 mmol/L, Uric Acid477umol/L, through his clinical manifestation and laboratory examination we can know that traditional Chinese medicine play an important role, his kidney microcirculation be improved and kidney function be protected.

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Article by : Kidney Disease Hospital

TAG:nephrotic syndrome

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