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Case: chronic glomerulonephritis, renal insufficiency in uremia stage, renal anemia, renal high bloo

Name: Shen Jikui

Gender: male

Age: 46 years old

Diagnose: chronic glomerulonephritis, Renal insufficiency in uremia stage, renal anemia, renal high blood pressure

Attending doctor: He Xingcai

Treatment process: three months ago, due to face edema and no obvious incentive, then he go to the local hospital to see a doctor and do some tests, then test result is blood pressure 210/100mmHg, creatinine 1200umol/L, the diagnoses is uremia, he doubt the diagnoses and go to anther hospital, in this hospital, he test result is blood pressure is 200/100mmHg, creatinine is 1300umol/L, the diagnoses is chronic renal insufficiency in uremia stage, he take orally Nifedipine 60mg, but the effect is not very well, and the doctor suggest he do kidney transplant, he refused.

Ten days ago, patients appear hard breath and nocturia frequently, in order to further diagnoses and treatment, then he come to our hospital, we give him a test, the test result is routine urine test, protein +++, 24-hour urinary protein quantity is 5.12g, albumin is 34.6g/L, creatinine 1455umol/L, Uric Acid 876umol/L, urea nitrogen 54.9mmol, total carbon dioxide 18.5mmol, the diagnoses is chronic glomerulonephritis, renal insufficiency in uremia stage, renal anemia, renal high blood pressure, we give him anticoagulation, reduce protein and traditional Chinese medicine, expand vessel of kidney, improve renal blood circulation and improve the whole body blood circulation to comprehensive treatment.

After three weeks treatment, he rechecks show all the test is negative, creatinine is 933umol/L, then he go home and continue take tradition Chinese medicine to treatment.

Comment: through tradition Chinese medicine to promoting blood circulation to remove meridian obstruction, expand vessel, removing stasis, anti-inflammatory, repair damged cell and creation new cell, patient kidney microcirculation be improved, remnants kidney function be protected, this case tell us that, regardless of patient condition develop into what extent, no matter we face what difficulty, we should insist on tratment and have the confidence to be cured.

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Article by : Kidney Disease Hospital

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