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Case:nephrotic syndrome

Name: Zhou Xingchen

Gender: male

Age: 19 years old

Diagnose: nephropathy/symptoms-analysis/275.html target=_blank class=infotextkey>nephrotic syndrome

Attending doctor: Liu Luchuan

Treatment process: 11 years ago, patient have a cold and appear edema, he go to hospital have a test, the test result is nephrotic syndrome, he go to the local hospital for treatment, but the disease is always reappear, thereafter, he go to many hospital, however, patients condition still can’t be controlled, on 2010, patient and his aunt come to our hospital to have a treatment.

After he come to our hospital, experts have a consultation for him, according to patient medical history, symptoms, sign, test and so on, eliminate the possible of other diseases, combine the diagnose when he come to our hospital, analysis patient condition, renal biopsy show minimal change disease nephrotic syndrome, 24 -hour urinary protein quantity is 4.05g, plasma-albumin 19.8g/L, urine protein+++, GFR 138ml/min, C3 abnormal.

Our experts according to patient condition make a treatment plan, take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for him, the treatment can promoting blood circulation to remove meridian obstruction, removing stasis and repair damaged cell.

Three days later, patient face ruddy, appetite increase, spirit good, nine days later, urine volume increase, the foam in urine reduce, expert said that:” all the symptoms is show urine spilling is reduce, damaged kidney is repair, the renal fibrosis has been blocked, if patient continue use this treatment, the edema and protein can completely disappeared. 13 days later, edema obvious disappeared, 15 days later, the routine urine test result is from +++ become +, one month later, patient condition better and leave hospital

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