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Case: uremia

Name: Guo Fengyun

Gender: female

Age: 38 years old

Diagnose: uremia

Attending doctor: Dai Shaofu

Treatment process: on Octorber 2 2005, patient due to uremia come to our hospital, and we give her a test, the test result is that serum creatinine 730 umol/L, urine volume 700ml, during 18 days treatment, patient have a good spirit and appetite, weak, choking sensation in chest, hard breath and other symptoms was gone, urine volume increase to 1000ml, she is pregnancy-induced hypertension and cause uremia, different reasons damage kidney, and make kidney function reduce, the common ground of development to uremia is renal hypoxia-ischemia, at this time, all kinds of cell in kidney start renal fibrosis, renal fibrosis is mean kidney cicatrization and lose function, serum creatinine rise, patient start appear anemia and acidosis, uremia make nerve and muscle be damaged and patient appear weak, sleepless, bad memory and urine volume reduce.

Comment: our characteristic traditional Chinese medicine can direct action to inner kidney, and reduce digestive tract and liver damage, it also repair kidney, through promoting blood circulation to remove meridian obstruction promote kidney situation change, broken the basic of renal fibrosis, blocking-up uremia further development, and increase urine volume.

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Article by : Kidney Disease Hospital


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