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Case:nephrotic syndrome

Name: Wang Lijuan

Gender: female

Age: 25 years old

Diagnose: nephrotic syndrome

Attending doctor: Liu Jun

Treatment process: after patient have a cold again and again, foam in her urine are increase, both lower extremities edema, then come to our hospital to have a test, the result show that routine urine test +++, occult blood is negative, 24-hour urinary protein quantity is 3.76g, serum cholesterol 10.5mmol/L, blood triglycerides 2.9mmol/L, total protein 57g/L, albumin29g/L, we give patient Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and heteropathy for 23 days, patient urine protein turn to negative, serum cholesterol 5.2mmol/L, 24-hour urinary protein quantity is0.15g/L, blood triglycerides 1.07mmol/L.

Comment: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has obvious effect to nephrotic syndrome, protein in urine large number of run off and make drastic immunoreaction in glomerulus and damage glomerular endothelial cell, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can withstand drastic immunoreaction and repair damaged endothelial cells, fast stop nephrotic syndrome development, then patient will be treat.

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