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Case:Type II diabetes, Diabetic Nephropathy, chronic renal insufficiency (uremia), renal anemia and

Name: Li Tiangang

Gender: male

Age: 49 years old

Diagnose: Type II diabetes, Diabetic nephropathy, chronic Renal insufficiency (uremia), renal anemia and renal hypertension, chronic congestive heart failure (cardiac function in 4).

Attending doctor: Zhao Pengfei

When patient be lift up come to our hospital, listlessness, bad sleep, inappetence, choking sensation in chest, hard breath, can not lay down, hands and feet cold, hands and nail bed pale, patient said he had not sweating for many year and easy cold, his urine volume is less than 200ml, urine colour is white and as light as water, no odour, we give him a test, the result is blood pressure 160/100mmHg, heart rate is 180/min, the whole body severe pitting edema, face pale, eyelid pale, lips pale, big tongue, both lungs can hear moist rale, left side is more severe, cardiac impulse dispersion, heart sounds is low, laboratory examination: blood routine examination hemoglobin81g/L, urine protein +++, 24 -hour urinary protein quantity2.42g, cruor four items F2B 564mg/di 7721.6s, serum crestinine: 443.53umol/L, BUN:14.41mmol/L, GLU: 6.3mmol/L, Uric Acid: 417.43mmol/L, B ultrasonic show both side pleural effusion, pericardium little hydrops, blood sugar between 4.0-14.5mmol/L.

Treatment process: through Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and other treatments, patient condition better, good spirit, good sleep, good appetite, choking sensation in chest, hard breath, can not lay down and other symptoms disappeared, everyday urine protein increase to 1000-1400ml, urine colour yellowish, bright and have urine odor, large number of flocculent precipitate discharge, face ruddy, the whole body no edema, no moist rale, heart sounds regular.

we give patient a test, the test result is serum creatinine reduce, hemachrome rise, urine protein turn to negative, blood uric acid normal, B ultrasonic show pleural effusion and hydropericardium disappeared, fasting blood-glucose between 4-5mmol/L, postprandial blood sugar between 6.0-7.0mmol/L.

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Article by : Kidney Disease Hospital

TAG:Type II diabetes, Diabetic Nephropathy, chronic renal insufficiency (uremia), re

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