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Case:hypertensive nephropathy, renal insufficiency azotemia stage.

  Name: Li Guoju

  Gender: female

  Age: 55 years old

  Diagnose: hypertensive nephropathy, Renal insufficiency azotemia stage.

  Attending doctor: Zhu Shiping

  On 1995, patients have a test, she detect her blood pressure a bit high, 160/100Hg, but patients don’t pay much attention to it and no medicine, on 2001, she detect many foam in her urine and go to hospital have a test, routine urine test protein +++, occult blood -, kidney function creatinine 360umol/L, B ultrasonic show both kidneys moderate shrink, and take orally some medicine, two months later, the recheck result is not good, then she begin take orally traditional Chinese medicine, she go to many hospital to have a treatment, and change many medicine, but the creatinine still is 300-400umol/L, in order to further treatment she come to our hospital.

  Treatment process: when she come to our hospital, occult blood +, routine urine test protein ++, blood sedimentation 46mm/h, protein quantification 3.48g/L, kidney function urea nitrogen 15.97mmol/L, urea 241.92mmol/24h, urine creatinine 8270.7umol/L, Uric Acid 2188.62umol/24h, endogenous creatinine clearance rate 22.26ml/min, B ultrasonic show right kidney size is 8.2*4.0*4.1cm, left kidney size is 9.1*4.5*4.0cm, through our hospital Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treatment 20 days later, creatinine reduce to 201.16umol/L, protein quantification reduce to 1.23/24h, endogenous creatinine clearance rate rise to 30.16ml/min, kidney detox ability is strong than before, urine colour and small is deep than before.

  Comment: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can repair damage kidney, through promoting blood circulation to remove meridian obstruction, removing stasis, produce new cell, improve kidney blood circulation, kidney blood perfusion increase, then repair damage glomerulus, strong kidney detox ability, creatinine reduce, urine creatinine rise, urine protein and occult blood reduce.

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Article by : Kidney Disease Hospital

TAG:hypertensive nephropathy, renal insufficiency azotemia stage.

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