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Case: renal insufficiency uremia stage

Name: Zhangmeng

Gender: female

Age: 47 years old

Diagnose: Renal insufficiency uremia stage

Attending doctor: Zhao Pengfei

Treatment process: 16 years ago, due to pregnancy-induced hypertension, after postpartum patient appear both lower extremities discontinuity edema and develop to uremic, she go to many hospital for cure her disease and cost large number of money, her condition still exacerbate,she depend on dialysis three times every week to sustain life, her daughter saw our hospital when surfing online, then come to our hospital.

Patient condition: kidney function : serum creatinine 1167.9umol/L, urea nitrogen: 29.98mmol/L, blood routine examination: HB:6.2g/L, chest tightness, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, can not lay down, urine volume 580ml/L, through our hospital characteristic therapy--Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy improve body immunity, recovery kidney function, patient urine volume from 580ml/d rise to 1500ml/d, HB:106g/L, kidney function: serum creatinine: 407.09umol/L, urea nitrogen:16.05mmol/L, chest tightness, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms disappear, meanwhile, she also can do some housework, she can lay on the bad, ruddy skin, eat more food, the unexpected is she do dialysis three times every week reduce to one time every week until stop do dialysis, patient condition improve, and go home to continue treatment.

Comment: uremic is all kind of factor cause immunity function imbalance, immune complex deposit and cause glomerular basement membrane harden, even necrosis, mesangial proliferative, filtration toxin function reduce, toxic substance accumulation in vivo, then appear nephrarctia and kidney function reduce, finally, develop to uremic. Dialysis is one of effective way to remove vivotoxin and extend life, we also call it extracorporal kidney, towards to patients who already do dialysis, we particular therapy--- Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy break common dialysis concept, we change timing dialysis to untime dialysis, until improve to no dialysis, through Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, block the renal fibrosis, hardening, necrosis, gradually restore renal function and extend the dialysis time interval, repair damage kidney, promote blood circulation, remove immune complex and recovery damage kidney.

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Article by : Kidney Disease Hospital

TAG:renal insufficiency,uremia

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