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Case:Diabetic Nephropathy

Name: Hang Tian

Gender: male

Age: 54 years old

Diagnose: Diabetic nephropathy

Attending doctor: Zhao Pengfei

Patient condition: 6 years ago, after overwork patient appear more drink, more eat, more eat, more urine and emaciation, but patient don’t pay much attention to it, afterwards, the symptoms is more severe, patient sudden coma and he family members take him to hospital, through the local hospital test, the test report is blood sugar 18.2mmol/L (after meal), urinalysis: ketone body 3+, diagnosis is 1 type diabetic, ketoacidosis, the local hospital give him discontinuity symptomatic treatment and take orally hypoglycemic agent, meanwhile, doctor exhort him after leave hospital should regular take insulin, however, due to work patient continue take repaglinide to control blood sugar.

3 years ago, due to cough and fever patient got respiratory tract infection and go to hospital for treatment, the test report is urine protein 3+, kidney function is normal, 24 -hour urinary protein quantity is 2.87g/L, diagnosis is 1 type diabetic, Diabetic Nephropathy normal period, in treatment, doctor give him lotensin 10mg, every 3 times protect kidney function and decrease protein in urine to discharge, meanwhile, take gnosis insulin, before breakfast 8 unit, after dinner 6unit, recheck after meal 2hours blood suagr is 7.8mmol/L, before breakfast blood sugar is 4.6mmol/L, then he go to home for consolidate treatment, but the result is unsatisfactory, patient urine still have foam and ceaseless increase, mild edema, recheck 24 -hour urinary protein quantity is 2.3-3.5g, patient in order to further protect kidney function and decrease urine protein spilling cause kidney function failure gradually to come to our hospital.

The condition when come to our hospital: BP:150/90mmHg, normal development, poor nutrition, both eyelid mild swelling, thoracic no abnormalities, both lungs breath voice low, heart rate:80/min, both lower extremities mild edema.

We give him a test, the test report is before meal blood sugar 4.8mmol/L, urinalysis: pro 3+, after meal 2 hours blood sugar 10.1mmol/L, 24-hour urinary protein quantity is 3.2g, kidney function, serum creatinine 107.2umol/L, endogenous creatinine clearance rate is 88ml/min, BUN: 8.9mmol/L.

During in our hospital for treatment: through experts discuss, we take Novolin 30R insulin to control blood sugar and take Lotensin 10mg everyday 2 times, control blood pressure to 120/75mmHg, aim at Diabetic Nephropathy and glomerular capillary damage we take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to expand constriction glomerular capillary, remove immune complex on glomerular capillary basilar membrane, make kidney cell improve the regular of sugar, blocking-up kidney cell harden, thanatosis, remission glomerular capillary glassy degeneration, then achieve cell function repair, start glomerular capillary basement membrane repair, make 24 -hour urinary protein quantity decrease to negative

Doctor comment:kidney organization structure is the reflect of kidney basic function, the only way of protect surplus health kidney function is repair damage kidney organization, , then repair kidney dewatering, the function of discharge nitrogenous rubbish is tend to stabilize, in clinic, aim at Diabetic Nephropathy organization damage characteristic, we take promoting blood circulation to remove meridian obstruction, discharge weste and produce new cell to thoroughgoing this disease.

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Article by : Kidney Disease Hospital

TAG:Diabetic Nephropathy

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