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I am a diabetes,What is spinach function for me ?

I am a diabetes,What is spinach function for me ?

1.Spinach can stimulate the secretion of pancreas to regulate glycolipid metabolism.Saponin A and saponins B of spinach have antibacterial activity (ability to inhibit or kill pathogenic microorganisms), can stimulate the pancreas secretion to keep blood sugar stable.

I am a diabetes,What is spinach function for me ?

2.The root nutrition of spinach is rich, contain dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, but no fat.Especially eat spinach root with Jerusalem artichoke, can control or prevent the occurrence of diabetes.

3. Spinach is a food that can beautify the face with the function of beautifying skin effect.Its extract has the effect of promoting culture cell proliferation, anti-aging, and also can enhance the vitality of youth.Wash spinach and mash it into juice, wash a few times a week, can clean the pores of the skin, reduce wrinkles and pigment spots, make the skin bright, clean and beautiful.Diabetic women friends might try as well.

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