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Protect remainder kidney function

www.kidneydoctors.org63.jpgFirst, patients should get reasonable protein intake. The metabolism waste of human body derived from protein in food. Therefore, in order to reduce the burden of kidney, protein intake should match with discharge capacity of kidney. For example, if patients’ serum creatinine is 170-440 micromole/L, the protein had better intake 0.6g/ kg body weight everyday. However, we need to emphasize that people can’t limit protein intake blindly, it may lead to malnutrition and harmful to people health.

In order to take full advantage of protein and prevent protein turn into energy expenditure, when people take low protein diet, they also need supplement energy, it’s about 35 kilocalorie/kg body weight everyday.

Even some food conforms to the standard, such as yolk egg, animal giblets, milk product, marrow and so on. However, those foods contain high phosphorus, and high phosphorus retention in body will promote kidney function get worse.

Salt intake should according to different patients’ condition, if patients suffer from hypertension and swelling, they should intake salt less than 2g.

Some medicines discharge out of body through kidney, it may damage kidney, such as gentamicin, sulfonamides, penicillin, indometacin, paracetamol, hormone, contrast medium and so on.

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