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Nephrotic syndrome

1.What is nephrotic syndrome?
Nephrotic syndrome is a group of clinical symptoms,including plenty of proteinuria,hypoproteinemia,huperlipidemia,and edema.The clinical symptoms is plenty of proteinuria,edema,hyperlipidemia,and low plasma protein.The patients with serious illness will appear serous membrane fluid and anuria.
2.What are the clinical symptoms?
1)Plenty of proteinuria:When the molecular barrier and electrostatic barrier of the glomerular filtration membrane is damaged,the permeability of glomerular filtration membrane against plasma protein increases,the protein in the urine increases,then may become plenty of proteinuria.
2)Plasma protein changes:plenty of albumin loses from urine,promote the vicarious synthesis of albumin.When the liver albumin synthesis is not strong enough to overcome the loss occurs, hypoalbuminemia, furthermore, causes of decline, insufficient protein intake, diet malabsorption or lost and hypoproteinemia caused by gastrointestinal mucosal edema.
3)Edema:Hypoalbuminema make the plasma colloid osmotic pressure decline,moisture goes into tissue space from endovascular,this is the main cause of edema.
4)Hyperlipidemia:high cholesterol,hypertriglyceridemia,the concentration of LDL,VLDL and lipoprotein in serum,increase,always be with hypoalbuminemia.
3.How to prevent nephrotic syndrome?
1)Avoid too much exposure to sunlight. Nephrotic Syndrome patients have lowered immunity and the harmful rays in the sunlight will easily cause scytitis and worsen the illness condition.
2)Moderate exercises. Some mild exercises such as walking, tai chi are conducive for the recovery.
3)Practice good hygiene. Frequent washing of clothes and pay attention to maintain the skin clean.
4)ave good and adequate rest. Poor quality sleep will further lower the immunity, therefore patients should have good rest. Avoid catching cold while sleeping.
4.What are the tests of Nephrotic Syndrome? If someone is suspected of Nephrotic Syndrome, the tests that they should do include:
1)Routine urine test: By the inspection of urinary sediment and other inspections, we can initially judge whether there is glomerular lesion or not.
2)24-hour urine protein ration: 24-hour urine protein ration exceeding 3.5g is a necessary condition for Nephrotic Syndrome.
3)Plasma protein: Plasma protein lowering than 30g is also one necessary condition for Nephrotic Syndrome.
4)Blood lipid inspection: NS patients usually have lipid metabolic disorder and hyperlipidemia.

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