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Lupus nephritis

1.What is lupus nephritis?
Lupus Nephritis is an autoimmune disease. Because of immunodeficiency, SLE patients produce various autoantibodies like antinuclear antibodies, anti-histone antibody and so on. Antigen invade patient's body and combine with these antibodies, as a result of which, large amounts of immune complexes are formed in blood. These immune complexes may deposit in different organs of our body and once they deposit in renal glomeruli, a part of kidney, Lupus Nephritis occurs.
2.What cause the lupus nephritis?
1)Heredity and body constitution:the morbidity is up to 5%-12% between the close relatives,is 69% between monovular twins,is only 3% between dizygotic twins.The morbidity is obvious high between Black and Asian people.The hereditary gene of lupus nephritis is positioned on the sixth chromosome.The morbidity of women is obvious higher than the others.
2)Environmental factors:The genetic factors is only a predisposition,environmental play an important role.Virus infection like lentivirus-C virus infection;medicine factor like penicillin,hydralazine,procainamide,isoniazidw,methyldopa and quinidine and so on.May be related with hydrazine an amine in the medicine.Combined with medicine and nuclear histones, forming its own immune and lymphocyte function. Drug induced systemic lupus erythematosus with little involvement of the kidney and central nervous system; sun (UV) radiation aggravate the disease, seen in 40% patients, the ultraviolet rays can make DNA into the thymus dense with two dimers, and the antigenicity of enhancement, to trigger the disease
3.What are the tests of lupus nephritis?
1)Routine examination can have different level of proteinuria, hematuria, white blood cells, red blood cells and cylindruria.
2)Immunological test.In early stage of Lupus Nephritis, you may do not present discomforts or noticeable symptoms and the conventional tests also can not reflect the renal injury. Immunological can test out the harmful substances in blood which cause inflammation in kidneys. It is a good guidance for you to get an effective treatment in early stage of Lupus Nephritis.
3)Renal function test.Renal function tests include blood tests and 24-hours urine collection to accurately measure your kidney function.
4.What are the treatments of lupus nephritis?
1)Common treatment.Acute period should stay in bed and have rest, avoid that drug that can make the disease more serious, such as penicillins, procainamide etc.
2)Medications.It includes induced remission and maintenance treatment.Induced remission aims to control the illness and completely remit the disease(include serological indicator,symptoms and the recovery of damaged organs).Maintenance treatment controls the condition with small dose immune control agent,prevent the recovery of disease.
5.What are the cares of lupus nephritis?
1)Psychological care.
It can change the physical appearance,infertility and so on,then patients will have a bad mood,lose his heart in life and refuse to have a treatment.The families should have heart-to-heart talks with the patients and warm them.
2)Diet nursing:
Patients should eat food with high heat,high vitamin,and low salt,also can have high protein diet but except the patients with renal insufficiency.Patients had better to have milk for a long time especially neogala.Because there is much antibody,it can increase immunity of organism.
3)Daily nursing:
While having outdoor activities,patients should be coated with chloroquine facial cream,wear long-sleeved clothes and wide-brimmed hat,to reduce the sunniness.Indoor should have a curtain.With a good oral care,should prevent the fungal infection with 4% soda water.
4)Should prevent cold and infection:
Have a large number of applications once appears infection.If patient have a cold,must follow the doctor's orders,then have the medicine for cold,like vitamin C Yinqiao tablets Shuanghuanglian oral liquid,radix isatidis and so on.

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