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Kidney failure

1.What is kidney failure?
kidney failure is a pathological state caused by the deletions of kidney function.It can be divided into acute and chronic kidney failure.The condition of acute kidney failure developed quickly,it often caused by insufficient blood supply(like trauma),or is harmed by the poison.But about the chronic kidney failure,it caused by the long time of kidney lesions with the develop of disease,the function of kidney drops gradually.
2.What are the symptoms of kidney failure?
1)Physical discomfort:Patients may feel uncomfortable with toxin and wastes deposit.The symptoms include nausea,sickness,poor sleeping in the night,poor appetite,pruritus and fatigue.
2)Edema:Some patients will appear edema.Hypourocrinia,frequency of urination.Also breathe hard,with swelling around one's eyes.
3)Anemia: because the kidney function damages, the human body can not produce enough hormones needed for the manufacture of red blood cells, resulting in anemia. Anemia, people with anemia often feel cold and tired.
4)Other symptoms:hematuria,high blood pressure,urine bubble,diarrhea,extreme thirsty,poor sleeping,drowsiness.
3.What are the tests of kidney failure?
1)Blood routine examination:The patients usually have obvious anemia,is normocytic anemia,the number of white blood cell is normal or high,low platelet count,quicken cells subside rate.
2)Routine urianlysis:There are the following characteristics in routine urianlysis:
I The urine osmotic pressure reduced,is more 450mOsm/kg.
II Urine volume reduced,is often under 1000m.
III Urine protein increases quantificationally,during later period,most of the glomerulus are damaged,so urine protein reduces.
IV Examination of urinary sediments:maybe have some red blood cells,white blood cells,epithelial cells and granular,waxy cast is the most meaningful.
3)kidney function test:All of the index the patients shows has decreases.
4)Blood biochemical examination:The albumin in the blood plasma reduces,low blood calcium,serium inorganic phosphorus rises,low serum potassium and some other symptoms.
In addition,it is helpful for the patients to have the test of X ray of kub,radiography,isotope renogram,kidney scan,kidney biopsy.
4.What treatments should patients pay attention?
1)It is very important to have a treatment for the patients with kidney failure.then the key is how to treat.So the diet should be low protein during the treatment.
2)In daily life,patients should pay more attention to some bad factors like infection,hypertension,hyperlipidemia,hyperuricemia and some others,have certain effect in treatment of chronic kidney failure.
3)In order to have a better treatment of kidney failure disease,some protopathy that can cause chronic kidney disease like lupus,chronic nephritis and so on.
4)It is important to have a treatment,take the treat measures depend on the symptoms,because the etiology of every patients is different from the the other's,so should find out the pathogeny,then have the right treatment.

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