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How to Deal with Renal Failure?

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Many factors affects the progress of renal failure, including high glomerular filtration rate, hypermetabolism of renal tubules, metabolic acidosis, and hyperlipemia. Some risk factors also aggravate renal failure, such as severe hypertension, acute heart failure, hypotension, coma, dehydration, renal toxicity, serious infection, urinary blocking, hypercoagulability of blood, etc.. However, renal fibrosis is fundamentally responsible for renal failure. Renal fibrosis disables nephrons. In addition, it brings progressive aggravation of renal function. Thereby, in order to deal with renal failure, the primary measure is to stop the progress of renal fibrosis.

How to stop renal fibrosis?

How to stop renal fibrosis remains a big problem in medical field. Our hospital makes great effort to find out the answer through years of scientific research and clinical practices. The way we use to stop renal fibrosis is micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy. It is built up on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), accompanying advanced medical technology osmoscope.

The steps of renal fibrosis-inhibiting

The process of stoping renal fibrosis is divided into two steps. First, it cleanse the blood. With the increase of creatinine and the decrease of renal function, there must be a lot of toxins and wastes in blood. The toxins and wastes will damage other issues and organs through the flowing of blood. Thereby, it is essential to clean up the blood, which lays foundation for the repair of the damaged nephrons.

Second, micro-Chinese osmotherapy is applied. According to the specific condition of each patient, the medicine is prescribed. The medicine is micronized into powder and put into bags. During the treatment, the medicine bag is put in kidneys’ areas. With osmoscope, medicine ingredients will be absorbed by the body. It accompanies medicated bath and Chinese massage, which help the excretion of toxins and wastes.

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