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Kidney failure can cause skin itching

_N4.jpgSkin itching is one major symptom of patients with kidney failure, especially they on dialysis. According to the reports of American Academy, half patients with end stage renal failure have itching skin. Other common problems caused by kidney failure like sleep problem, depression, bone problems, restless leg syndrome and so on.

So what factors cause skin itching? at the following you will find the answer.

1. Dry skin

For end stage renal disease patients, their kidneys can’t clear metabolic wastes and excessive minerals such as calcium and phosphorus in the blood. Then, the body will remove liquid in the skin to the bloodstream to deal with high mineral level. Skin dehydration will cause itching feeling and it can be alleviated after moisturize.

2. Histamine release

Histamine is a kind of protein which will be released by the human body when foreign materials invading the body. The skin might feel itching as allergic reactions to histamine release. On the other hand, histamine can cause less fluid in the blood vessels and this will worsen skin dehydration. Under this condition, anti-histamine medicines might help achieve instant relief

3. Dialysis

Dialysis can cause a series of complications and side effects, one of them is itching skin. Because of dialysis cause the skin produce less oil and release histamine.

How to alleviate skin itching?

Here I recommend a natural, healthy, comfortable and effective therapy for alleviating itching skin ---medicated bath. Patients can treat disease at the same time of taking bath. What’s more, this therapy process is very comfortable and no side effects or injuries to the body.

Medicated bath is put certain medicines or substances into the water to help alleviate discomforts and treat diseases.

The commonly adopted medicated bath for alleviating skin itching are:

Baking soda bath

Peppermint bath

Oatmeal bath

For more detailed information about the medicated bath, consult the doctors for safety and effectiveness.

Medicated bath can not only alleviate skin itching, but also have many other benefits like relieving fatigue, improving systemic blood circulation,etc

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