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Kidney cyst

1.What is kidney cyst?
kidney cyst or kidney cyst disease,as the name suggests,is a general term of cystic lesions that appears in the kidney.The common kidney cyst like simple kidney cyst,parapelvic cyst,polycystic kidney and some others.
2.What causes kidney cyst?
The origins of simple kidney cyst may be similar with polycystic kidney,but the degree is different.On the other hand,the animals can be infected with simple kidney cyst through causing kidney tubular obstruction and local asphyxia.With the increase of cyst,the base pressure can damage the kidney parenchyma,but can't make the damage kidney function.The position of a solitary cyst just oppress ureter,then cause progressive kidney seeper.After this situation,can be complicated with infection.
6)Most patients have mild anemia or moderate anemia,because the scarce erythropoietin,so it is called kidney anemia;It can make anemia worse with iron-deficiency,malnutrition,bleed.The platelet functions is unusual with the end-stage CFR patients,may will bleed.
3.What are the symptoms of kidney cyst?
1)There is some discomfort and pain with waist and stomach,the characteristics is dull pain,one one kidney or both.
2)Hematuria:It showed with microscopic or gross hematuria.
3)Abdominal mass:Sometimes is the main reason for patients to see a doctor,60-80% can touch the intumescent kidney,the kidney is larger,the kidney function is worse.
4)Proteinuria:the quantity is not large,is less than 2g in 24 hours,so can not cause nephrotic syndrome.
5)Hypertension:the cysts oppress the kidney,then cause kidney ischemia,increase the renin secretion,then cause hypertension.
4.What are the tests of the kidney cyst?
1)The test of urine:routine urine is normal.There may appears a little red and white blood cells if the cyst has infection.
2)Type-B ultrasonic:can check out the number and size of the cysts,the condition of capsule wall.Also can differentiate the kidney cyst and kidney masses.The typical type-B ultrasonic shows with lesion area has no echo,smooth capsule wall,clear boundary:Patients should watch out for malignant change if the capsule wall shows with irregular echo:The capsule will thickening while there is secondary infection,has soft echo,the echo strengthens while the cyst hemorrhages.It should be differentiated from multilocular cyst and kidney cyst while the video picture shows with multiple cysts.
3)Intravenous pyelogaphy can display the degree that kidney oppresses the kidney parenchyma.Also can be differentiated with hydronephrosis.
5.How to prevent kidney cyst?
1)Cold is one of the main factors hat cause the kidney damage.It shows that It can make the disease relapse while the patients with chronic nephritis are suffering from a cold.So it is necessary to prevent the cold,should have a timely treatment while having a cold.
2)High intake of protein can make chronic kidney disease relapse and become more seriously.So in daily life should control our diet.
3)Anemia,high blood pressure,edema,backache,may be the early signs of kidney disease.These symptoms should be pay more attention.
4)Do more exercises to strengthen the kidney blood circulation,and is helpful to repair the wound,prevent the glomerulus to become hard.

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