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What factors can cause kidney cyst?

kidneydoctors23.jpg1. Congenital dysplasia

Congenital dysplasia can cause many diseases, cyst main cause medullary sponge kidney, dysplasia Polycystic kidney disease, etc

2. Genetic mutations (not heredity)

Most of patients with kidney cyst are gene heredity from their parents; it divides into autosomal dominant inheritance and autosomal recessive inheritance, however, there are many patients with kidney cyst neither heredity from their parents nor belong to congenital dysplasia, they are gene mutation when embryogenesis, during the process of embryogenesis, due to all kinds of factors function make gene mutagenesis and formed polycystic kidney, although the situation is very rare, but it also can happen, thus,some patients with polycystic kidney no parents genetic history.

3. All kinds of infection

Infection can make body internal take place anomalous change and appear the environment which good for cyst gene change, strong the activity of cyst inner factors, it can promote cyst develop and growth, however, any parts of body infection can through blood enter into kidney and influence cyst, if cyst infection not only aggravate clinical symptoms, but also further promote cyst fast develop and damage kidney function, etc. the common infection include upper respiratory infection (including colds), urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal infections, skin infections, trauma infection, Instrument infection and so on, no matter bacterial infection or viral infection both influence cyst.

4. Toxin

Toxic effect on human body can make all kinds of cell tissue and organ damage, and disease, even life-threatening, it also one of the main reasons for congenital dysplasia and genetic mutations,

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