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The common therapy of one kidney cyst.

Kidney cyst is mean kidney appear some cystic tumors, and towards to one kidney cyst treatment, the key is detect the disease condition as early as possible, then choice a suitable treatment according your condition.

1.no urinary tract traumatic test

Towards to one kidney cyst, renal biopsy don’t have to much function, it easy infection and reappear, through long time watch, it can’t delay kidney function damage.

2. if it necessary can have an operation to resection cyst

Few cyst trigger abnormal, and some necessary to treatment of one kidney cyst under the guidance can through renal biopsy suction and injection medicine in cyst. Only under some special condition cyst need to have an operation to resection cyst.

3.food therapy

The common therapy of treatment one kidney cyst is regulate life, more rest, avoid strenuous exercise and abdominal trauma, guarantee health diet, such as high quality protein food, high fibre and high dimensional food, suitable sugar intake, avoid spicy, salty, oily, frying and other unhygienic food, meanwhile under doctor guidance to return visit.

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