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The habits for remit hypertensive nephropathy

www.kidneydoctors.org8.jpgEven hypertension is common in our daily life, but it has big perniciousness. Meanwhile, it also can cause many organs complication, such as heart, brain, kidney and so on. In addition, about ten percent hypertension patients die of kidney failure. Therefore, the following the habits are helpful to hypertensive nephropathy.

Hypertensive nephropathy patients are not suitable to work for a long time, because it will make brain excessive tension and cause blood pressure rise.

Patients should get up slowly, after they weak up, they can lie on the bed for a while, move their head, neck and arms, then get up and wash face.

Patients are easy suffering from constipation, they should avoid defecate forcibly, it easy cause cerebral hemorrhage. In addition, patients had better use pedestal pan to defecate.

In the morning, people had better take bland diet. In the evening, people had better not eat too much food.

People should insist on take exercise in the morning, but they should avoid strenuous exercise, it will helpful to remission arterial tension.

People should take shower with warm water, too hot or too cold both stimulate skin and cause angiokinesis, then affect blood pressure level.

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