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Hypertension is easy cause kidney disease

www.kidneydoctors.org67.jpgIn the word, hypertension is a common disease, no matter male or female, old or young, many people suffer from hypertension. What’s more, hypertension also cause many complications, the most common of is hypertension nephropathy.

The hypertension caused by kidney disease divide into two types, the first one is idiopathic hypetension, and the main clinical manifestation is blood pressure rise. The second one is secondary hypertension, also named symptomatic hypertension,the main clinical manifestation is blood pressure rise provisionality or persistent.

For people with slight or mild hypertension, due to kidney has the function of regulation, kidney construct and function won’t change, but patients will show the ability of adapt to high sodium or blood volume expand become weaken. For example, when people intake too much salt or water, they are easy occur swelling and blood pressure rise. If blood pressure can’t be controlled, patients disease will progress continued, 5 years to 10 years, even shorter time, and people will appear slight or mild glomerulus arteriosclerosis.

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