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The matters need attention in the process of lowering blood pressure

kidneydoctors35.jpgNever blind lowering blood pressure: people should figure out the basic reason of blood pressure rise, it may caused by other diseases, such as kidney disease, pheochromocytoma, hypercortisolism, toxaemias of pregnancy, main artery disease and so on. People should treat those diseases first.

The medicine dosage and type should according to different people condition to take.

For people with mild hypertension, drug combination is a good choice; it can reduce every medicine dosage and side effect.

People should reasonable to take medicine, often test blood pressure and regular it timely.

People should lowing blood pressure little by little. Excessive lowing blood pressure cause brain, heart, kidney insufficient blood supply and lead to ischemia, it will cause dizzy, even ischemic cerebral apoplexy and myocardial infarction.

Reasonable take medicine, avoid stop medicine suddenly and cause blood pressure rise.

Maintain good emotion, sufficient sleeping, regular life, take exercise like walk, gymnastics and so on.

Quit smoking and drink, avoid intake too much food, bland diet, eat more food which have rich vitamin, protein, eat less food which have rich salt or cholesterol.

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