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The diet for hypertension patients

highbloodpressure.jpgFor diet, patient should control energy and salt intake, reduce fat and cholesterol intake, control body weight, prevent or correct far, diuresis and discharge sodium, regular blood volume, protect heart, brain, kidney and vessel system function. Take low fat, low cholesterol, low sodium, high vitamin, reasonable protein and energy diet.

Energy: due to body weight increase 12.5kg, blood pressure will increase 7~10mmHg, so, people should control body weight in normal range. The best is loss weight 1.0~1.5kg every week

Protein: people should take high quality protein, intake half of plant protein, animal protein can take fish, chicken, beef, eggs white, milk and so on.

Lipid: edible vegetable oil like soybean oil, peanut oil, corn oil, sesame oil and so on, control high cholesterol food, such as animal giblets, yolk eggs, cuttlefish, brains and so on.

Carbohydrate: people can intake more starch, maize, millet and others, high dietary fiber also important, it can promote intestines peristalsis, fast discharge cholesterol, eat less glucose, fructose and sucrose.

Mineral substance and microelement: limit salt intake, supplement potassium and calcium.

Vitamin: large dose of vitamin C can make cholesterol turn into bile acid and discharge out of body, improve hear function and blood circulation, eat more fresh vegetable and fruits.

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