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Nursing of Hypertension

Nursing of hypertension

Daily nursing

1、Maintain a good state of mind and eliminate tension and depression. 2. Rest properly, ensure sleep, arrange proper exercise, such as more symptoms or complications, should stay in bed. 3. For agitated patients, do a good job of family work, reduce adverse stimulation, to ensure a quiet and comfortable environment for patients. 4. People should be accompanied to avoid fainting and injury when going out for exercise and examination. 5. Correct diet can reduce cardiac load, prevent water and sodium retention, and reduce peripheral vascular resistance. 6. Should follow the doctor's instructions to adhere to the medication society self-observation and nursing, symptoms of discomfort immediately to see a doctor.3.jpg

Diet regulation

Eat more green vegetables and fresh fruits and foods with high calcium content, such as celery, leek, broccoli, pear, apple, dairy products, bean products, etc., and eat less foods containing high cholesterol, such as animal offal, fat meat, fish, egg yolk, squid fish, etc. Avoid alcohol and tobacco.

Keep warm

The sudden drop in temperature was caught off guard. For people with high blood pressure, catching cold can be dangerous if you don't keep warm. Therefore, in winter and spring, patients with hypertension should do a good job of avoiding the cold and keeping warm.

A good mentality is a good remedy

It is well known that anger, anxiety and panic can cause blood pressure to rise suddenly, but it is often overlooked that overjoying can also cause blood pressure to rise suddenly. Therefore, hypertension patients not only to avoid anger, anxious, but also to prevent "joy and sorrow."

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