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How to analysis routine urine examination

Urine routine is one of the commonly used tests in renal medicine, which can reflect the severity and progress of kidney and urinary tract diseases.

1. On a routine urine test list, if some items are followed by "+" (or "+ +", "+ +", indicating varying degrees of severity, this is medically called a positive result;

2. On the contrary, the "-" is called the negative result. Positive results are usually markers of urinary system diseases. A large number of white blood cells (WBC + + +t01ec739915379355dc.jpg

3. A large number of RBC + + + in urine indicate urinary calculi, tumors, infections or urinary system damage.

4. If urine tests have tube type, that means kidney has certain damage, common in acute and chronic nephritis, pyelonephritis or nephropathy/symptoms-analysis/275.html target=_blank class=infotextkey>nephrotic syndrome and so on.

About routine urine examination list content analysis everybody understand? In fact, as long as we pay attention to, there are many aspects can help us in the ease of illness, you are your personal doctor.

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