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Self-nursing for Dialysis Patients

Self-nursing for Dialysis Patients.jpgImprove anemia

There are several ways to improve anemia, including nutrients supplement, use of chalybeate, precaution against infection, keeping bowels open, balancing work and rest, avoiding overfatigue, controlling blood pressure, making body weight under control, and forbidding overeating.

Keep optimistic mood

Optimistic mood contributes to improving appetite, reinforcing immunity, and raise the confidence to fight against the disease.

Ensure enough sleep

Lack of sleep does not contribute to relieving fatigue. Instead, it accelerates metabolism, which produces more metabolic wastes and toxins. Therefore, burdens to kidney increase.

Avoid alcohol and cigarette

Smoking is harmful to kidney disease patients, especially for patients in dialysis. Patients in dialysis usually present anemia. Along with the toxin accumulation, the factors make oxygen carrying capacity decrease. When patients are smoking, the carbon monoxide combines with hemoglobin, which decrease the oxygen carrying ability further more. In addition, nicotine in cigarette stimulates vasoconstriction, which reduces heart circulating blood volume and decrease the supply of oxygen. Alcohol irritates heart, blood vessels, and nerve.

Proper exercise

Proper exercise contributes to reinforcing habitus, preventing rarefaction of bone, and precautioning heart disease and arteriosclerosis.

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