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How to protect kidney?

kidneydoctoes12.jpgTake more exercise and keep human body health are good for reduce blood pressure level and reduce the risk of suffer from chronic kidney disease.

Control blood glucose level: about half diabetes patients’ kidney already be damaged, therefore, diabetes patients should test kidney function regularly, avoid and prevent kidney damage further.

Regular test blood pressure: many people know that hypertensive easy cause stroke or heart disease, but few people know that hypertensive also damage kidney. Normal range of blood pressure is 120-80mmHg, if blood pressure higher than 140/90mmHg for a long time, those people need see a doctor.

Maintain good diet and control body weight: diet play an important role in our daily life, good diet can help patients control their disease, bad diet may cause people suffer from disease.

Quit smoking: smoking will reduce blood flow and cause kidney can’t work normally, smoking also increase the rise of people suffer from kidney cancer.

Avoid take nonprescription drugs for a long time: such as non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug, take those medicines for a long time may damage kidney and cause kidney disease, people should under doctor guidance to take those medicines.

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