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How to Nurse the Aged with Kidney Insufficiency?

  How to Nurse the Aged with Kidney Insufficiency.jpgThe aged belongs to disadvantage group. At the senectitude, many diseases will appear to people, including kidney insufficiency. To deal with kidney insufficiency, people need to pay attention to daily nursing besides medical care in order to reach a better therapeutic effect.

Ensure enough sleep

The general sleeping time for adult is about 7-8 hours. Aged people with chronic kidney insufficiency, however, stay long time in bed and take less exercises, which affects sleeping quality. Accordingly, it has a negative effect on treatment and prognosis. To ensure a qualified and enough sleep matters a lot to improve the condition. Qualified and enough sleep requires quiet inner and outer surroundings, and a clean and ventilated room.

Keep a stable mood

Mood swings is no good to the treatment. A stable and positive mood plays an important role in treating kidney insufficiency in the aged people. Plan a regular working and rest schedule and keep it. Try not to change hospital and doctors frequently. Since chronic kidney insufficiency needs a long time to have therapeutic effect. Frequent change of doctors and hospitals is not good for the treatment.

Observe symptoms

Aged people with kidney insufficiency should pay close attention to the symptoms changes. Whether there is edema or aggravated edema, sudden raise or decrease of blood pressure, and the changes of urine colour and urine volume is important to the treatment process. Keep the habit of defecating every day, which helps a lot to remove metabolic wastes and toxins.

Pay attention to keep warm

When patients get cold or freezing, it causes vasoconstriction, which raises blood pressure. Therefore, in summer, avoid barefoot, cooling feet in cold water or staying long time in the room with fan or air conditioner. In winter, it is better to take the masque before going outside.

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