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Nursing for Aged People with Nephritis

nursing for aged people with nephrits.jpgnephritis is usually diagnosed among young and middle-aged people. It is rare to infect nephritis for aged people. However, the prognosis of nephritis in aged people is poor. Although certain nephritis can get spontaneous recovery, we cannot leave it alone for the aged people. Active treatment and careful nursing help a lot to improve prognosis. Here are some nursing tips for the aged people with nephritis.

Aged people with acute nephritis needs bed rest, salt-free and low-protein diet. Takes measures to maintain balance between water and electrolytes, and regulate metabolic acidosis. If there is severe edema or les urine, diuretics and vasodilator agent help alleviate the symptoms.

Take some mild exercise. Due to age increase, all the organs and tissues degenerate. Blood circulation slows down, which decreases the removal of toxins, wastes, and excessive water. Proper exercise helps improve the condition. It is better to take some mild exercises regularly, like walking, which contributes to reinforcing immune system and promoting blood circulation.

Hormone treatment

According to the pathological change of acute nephritis, hormone and immunosuppressants are suitable. More and more practices show that the combination of hormone and immunosuppressants helps a lot to improve kidney function. Methylprednisolone and cyclophosphamide are common use.

Acute nephritis belongs to self-limited disease, which as a better prognosis. With proper treatment, most of the patients can get recovered. However, for the aged people, they have weaker immune system than the young people. So they need pay more attention on nursing and diet. It is better for them to take medical tests every half year.

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